Annotations Page 18

  • On personalization, cf. โ€œThe Age of Surveillance Capitalismโ€ p. 256 f.: โ€œThe machine invasion of human depth is prosecuted under the banner of โ€œpersonalization,โ€ a slogan that betrays the zest and cynicism brought to the grimy challenge of exploiting second-modernity needs and insecurities for outside gain.โ€
  • The de-anonymization of metadata is discussed by Zuboff, e.g. on p. 244f.:
    โ€œWe are told that itโ€™s not possible to identify individuals from these large-scale amalgamations. However, with as little as three bits of data culled from the public record โ€“ birth date, zip code, and sex โ€“ reidentification science has demonstrated its ability to de-anonymize metadata with โ€˜disturbing ease.โ€™โ€